Our factory is fully equipped with high precision, digital controlled machining equipment, which is capable of producing components to extremely accurate tolerances. We are able  to manufacture parts from a wide range of materials, including all of the hard metals which are used for specialist applications. With multiple tool changers, we achieve 4 sec metal to metal times. This means that we are capable of completing volume orders with very fast turn round cycles.

Our engineers are highly skilled and fully trained in the latest machining technology.

The technology we use is state of the art and we strive for continuous improvement and advancement.
The digitally controlled cutting technology, which we employ, is fully integrated with our CAD computers. This means that we have the capability of receiving customer design specifications on line, with direct input into the vertical machining centres. These facilities provide us with fast, error free production. Our CAD systems enable us to respond quickly to design changes and produce new designs if required. Our data storage facilities ensure that we are able to archive customer design specifications. We can therefore respond promptly to follow on orders or emergency requisitions. As a fully automated unit, with network connectivity and an experienced workforce, our capability is world class.